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Rank Name Raised
119th Mark Cumby Mark Cumby $4,110
120th Bill Vandenberk Bill Vandenberk $4,107
121st Ron Loucks Ron Loucks $4,088
122nd Martin O'Gorman Martin O'Gorman $4,070
123rd James Bennett James Bennett $4,063
124th John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $4,045
125th Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob $4,045
126th Tammy Hart Tammy Hart $4,023
127th Mahmoud Elkadri Mahmoud Elkadri $4,000
128th David David Di Taranto David David Di Taranto $3,974
129th Tanya Laing Gahr Tanya Laing Gahr $3,949
130th Reta Currie Reta Currie $3,940
131st Dennis Hendricksen Dennis Hendricksen $3,930
132nd Lucas Crutchfield Lucas Crutchfield $3,928
133rd Douglas Guitard Douglas Guitard $3,902
134th Nancy Ohm Nancy Ohm $3,892
135th Sofia Pitre Sofia Pitre $3,889
136th Shelley Batters Shelley Batters $3,877
137th Jeff D'Silva Jeff D'Silva $3,876
138th Dana Coulombe Dana Coulombe $3,875