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Rank Name Raised
114th Suzanne Rutherford Suzanne Rutherford $2,940.52
115th Colin whiteley Colin whiteley $2,938.88
116th Lynn Patterson Lynn Patterson $2,927.93
117th Anson Attree Anson Attree $2,903.40
118th Rob Engelage Rob Engelage $2,896.70
119th Lowell Krystalowich Lowell Krystalowich $2,867.17
120th Pat Brand Pat Brand $2,862
121st Paul Proulx Paul Proulx $2,859.94
122nd Heather Price Heather Price $2,847.34
123rd John Tentomas John Tentomas $2,839.84
124th Ian Jameson Ian Jameson $2,831.62
125th Kerry Taylor Kerry Taylor $2,828.67
126th Jeff Edge Jeff Edge $2,825.76
127th Daniel Heffernan Daniel Heffernan $2,822.54
128th Tony Tucceri Tony Tucceri $2,819.69
129th Mark Williment Mark Williment $2,800
129th Perry Kelly Perry Kelly $2,800
131st Donica Clark Donica Clark $2,792.17
132nd Lori Howes Lori Howes $2,789.46
133rd Grace Bugg Grace Bugg $2,786.12