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Rank Name Raised
174th Ben Berland Ben Berland $2,320.29
175th Ken Wichert Ken Wichert $2,298.45
176th Sara Laurie Sara Laurie $2,293.32
177th Tony Tracey Tony Tracey $2,283.96
178th Rick Lee Rick Lee $2,280.87
179th Michel Forest Michel Forest $2,278.21
180th Marvin Salomons Marvin Salomons $2,275.35
181st Marianne Emmerton Marianne Emmerton $2,265.90
182nd Linda Farruggia Linda Farruggia $2,257.62
183rd Richard Courtland Richard Courtland $2,256.20
184th Susan Coles Susan Coles $2,239.89
185th Philip Clark Philip Clark $2,239.75
186th Chris Pike Chris Pike $2,249.66
187th Mary Nero Mary Nero $2,220.70
188th Alexander Quinn Alexander Quinn $2,217.28
189th Tom Crowell Tom Crowell $2,215
190th David Lu David Lu $2,212.17
191st Kaven Kafshbarghi Kaven Kafshbarghi $2,211.64
192nd Gail Lefebvre Gail Lefebvre $2,205.13
193rd Terry McKee Terry McKee $2,197.85