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Rank Name Raised
253rd Adrienne Young Adrienne Young $1,005
253rd Ben Davis Ben Davis $1,005
253rd Stu Hoover Stu Hoover $1,005
N/A Jayme Elizabeth Jayme Elizabeth $0
256th Gary Ellis Gary Ellis $1,001
257th Emmanuel Perez Emmanuel Perez $1,000
257th Judy Schram Judy Schram $1,000
257th Lynne Sylvestre Lynne Sylvestre $1,000
257th Robert Gobby Robert Gobby $1,000
257th Sherwin E. Sherwin E. $1,000
257th Sylvia Simpson Sylvia Simpson $1,000
N/A Carina Sanchez pacheco Carina Sanchez pacheco $0
263rd David Seligman David Seligman $999
264th Austin Anderson Austin Anderson $990
264th Bruce Kaytor Bruce Kaytor $990
264th Frederic Fortier Frederic Fortier $990
264th Lynn Todd-Harris Lynn Todd-Harris $990
264th Rita MacFeely Rita MacFeely $990
269th Nancy Di Matteo Nancy Di Matteo $985
270th Dana Coulombe Dana Coulombe $980