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Rank Name Raised
79th Andrew Clarke Andrew Clarke $4,765
80th Gabriela Dinu Gabriela Dinu $4,762
81st Brayden Moore Brayden Moore $4,755
82nd Sholom Vidal Sholom Vidal $4,721
83rd Tracey Pierre Tracey Pierre $4,668
84th Martin Winkel Martin Winkel $4,665
85th Peter Kellerman Peter Kellerman $4,565
86th Sonny Sekhon Sonny Sekhon $4,554
87th David Walsh David Walsh $4,535
88th Derek Boan Derek Boan $4,484
89th Courtney Clarke Courtney Clarke $4,481
90th Harrison Probst Harrison Probst $4,475
91st Mike Engeland Mike Engeland $4,454
92nd Brendon Thiessen Brendon Thiessen $4,445
93rd Stephen Chung Stephen Chung $4,399
94th Dale Sorensen Dale Sorensen $4,382
95th Brian Gibson Brian Gibson $4,368
96th Mike Schouten Mike Schouten $4,367
97th Justin Chan Justin Chan $4,325
98th Darrell Yip Darrell Yip $4,288