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Rank Name Raised
59th Courtney Clarke Courtney Clarke $3,340
59th Sandra Cole Sandra Cole $3,340
59th Susan Johnston Susan Johnston $3,340
62nd Trevor Cradduck Trevor Cradduck $3,290
63rd Julien Beauchamp Julien Beauchamp $3,289
64th Mike Santry Mike Santry $3,275
65th Yazdi Kharwanwala Yazdi Kharwanwala $3,272
66th Bill Vandenberk Bill Vandenberk $3,265
67th Davey Jay Davey Jay $3,260
68th Braden Hellems Braden Hellems $3,231
69th Howard Evans Howard Evans $3,230
70th G Gill G Gill $3,197
71st Lucas Crutchfield Lucas Crutchfield $3,190
72nd David David Di Taranto David David Di Taranto $3,180
72nd Marc Girard Marc Girard $3,180
74th Dana Coulombe Dana Coulombe $3,170
75th Wade Veldhuyzen vanZanten Wade Veldhuyzen vanZanten $3,170
76th Breanne Watson Breanne Watson $3,165
76th Harrison Probst Harrison Probst $3,165
78th Perry Dunmore Perry Dunmore $3,160