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Rank Name Raised
N/A Blair Drader Blair Drader 3years $0
10120th Lindsey White Lindsey White 6years $21
186th Ray Bock Ray Bock 2years $4,598
1993rd Matthew Wong Matthew Wong $1,240
349th Duncan Jewell Duncan Jewell $3,414
4305th Nanci Simpson Nanci Simpson 6years $648
5350th Dale Madill Dale Madill 5years $523
3994th Dan Bragagnolo Dan Bragagnolo $695
1035th Arturo Quiroga Arturo Quiroga $2,011
N/A Ramon Gaudario Ramon Gaudario 2years $0
607th Raff Melito Raff Melito $2,717
4858th Suciu Silviu Suciu Silviu 5years $576
33rd Paulette Fowell Paulette Fowell 2years $9,052
4263rd Michael D’Aoust Michael D’Aoust $654
4830th Jason McAuley Jason McAuley $579
7898th Allan Smith Allan Smith 5years $138
2610th Julie LeBlanc Julie LeBlanc $1,030
4470th David Alain David Alain $627
8360th Caius Turtureanu Caius Turtureanu 3years $100
N/A Jesse Code Jesse Code $0