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Rank Name Raised
98th Jack Gremmen Jack Gremmen 4years $5,772
99th Shannon Valliant Shannon Valliant $5,763
100th Martin O'Gorman Martin O'Gorman 2years $5,750
101st Emma Marple Emma Marple $5,677
102nd Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick 2years $5,673
103rd Earl Driedger Earl Driedger 5years $5,655
104th David Pulla David Pulla $5,652
105th Brian Whitworth Brian Whitworth 2years $5,650
106th Paul Chui Paul Chui $5,632
107th Lynne Danis Lynne Danis 3years $5,624
108th Jason Baptista Jason Baptista $5,620
109th Kerry McKenna Kerry McKenna 2years $5,596
110th Lorne Duke Lorne Duke 3years $5,577
111th Amelia and Noah Macko Amelia and Noah Macko 3years $5,557
112th Susan Johnston Susan Johnston 2years $5,547
113th Dale hewitt Dale hewitt $5,538
114th Cory Li Cory Li 2years $5,509
115th Diane Dempsey Diane Dempsey 2years $5,503
116th Nadarajah Family Nadarajah Family 2years $5,502
117th Bob Muxlow Bob Muxlow $5,447