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Rank Name Raised
59th Michael Riley Michael Riley $7,281
60th Joey Roy Joey Roy 2years $7,281
61st Jean Constantineau Jean Constantineau 2years $7,234
62nd Sandeep Ghotra Sandeep Ghotra 2years $7,196
63rd Izzy Ehrlich Izzy Ehrlich $4,182
63rd Sean O'Brien Sean O'Brien $7,127
64th Vince Galbraith Vince Galbraith 2years $7,017
65th Mary Pratt Mary Pratt 2years $6,800
66th Richard Teixeira Richard Teixeira 6years $6,756
67th Dennis Hendricksen Dennis Hendricksen 2years $6,699
68th Grace Bugg Grace Bugg 4years $6,646
69th Walburga Pagniello Walburga Pagniello 3years $6,634
70th Lisa Seatter Lisa Seatter 5years $6,611
71st David Marcoux David Marcoux 3years $6,562
72nd Tracy Johnston Tracy Johnston 2years $6,509
73rd Larry Ohlmann Larry Ohlmann 2years $6,494
74th Brendon Thiessen Brendon Thiessen 5years $6,381
75th Daniella Novak Daniella Novak 2years $6,354
76th Helga Rausch Helga Rausch 4years $6,336
77th Martin Kit Martin Kit $6,323