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Rank Name Raised
39th Kendra Le Page Kendra Le Page $8,448
40th Elwood Delaney Elwood Delaney 4years $8,423
41st Amy Jasper Amy Jasper 5years $8,421
42nd Edward Lawrence Edward Lawrence $8,368
43rd Sandra Cole Sandra Cole 6years $8,313
44th Donna Allegro Donna Allegro 5years $8,242
45th Koti Veeranki Koti Veeranki 2years $8,026
46th Thomas Brissiaud Thomas Brissiaud $8,009
47th Ron Danis Ron Danis 2years $8,005
48th Kevin Tripp Kevin Tripp $7,776
49th Lezli Kuntze Lezli Kuntze 3years $7,700
50th Dana Rostowsky Dana Rostowsky $7,618
51st ChrisandHarrie Van Hees ChrisandHarrie Van Hees $7,609
52nd Dan Eickmeier Dan Eickmeier 6years $7,591
53rd Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont 5years $7,523
54th Kevin McKenna Kevin McKenna 2years $7,483
55th Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs $7,453
56th Robert Mogensen Robert Mogensen $7,387
57th Todd Woods Todd Woods 3years $7,375
58th Scott Gillis Scott Gillis 5years $7,356