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Rank Name Raised
174th Alan Soever Alan Soever 2years $4,739
175th Richard Goodnough Richard Goodnough $4,712
176th Juliette Colbourne Juliette Colbourne 4years $4,710
177th Patricia Mark Patricia Mark 4years $4,690
178th Mimi Dinh Mimi Dinh 2years $4,683
179th Brayden Moore Brayden Moore 2years $4,678
180th Nancy Ohm Nancy Ohm 2years $4,677
181st Ashleigh Sherman Ashleigh Sherman $4,673
182nd Martin Male Martin Male $4,670
183rd Braunwyn Strickland Braunwyn Strickland $4,663
184th Mike Basse Mike Basse 3years $4,629
185th Sanjay ACHARYA Sanjay ACHARYA $4,608
186th Ray Bock Ray Bock 2years $4,598
187th Desiree Simpson Desiree Simpson 2years $4,567
187th Nianze Liew Nianze Liew $1,505
188th Julie McCarthy Julie McCarthy $4,565
189th Pamela Unrau Pamela Unrau 2years $4,549
190th Samantha Woitzik Samantha Woitzik 2years $4,545
191st Cathy Jansen Cathy Jansen 5years $4,536
192nd Jordyn Guichon Jordyn Guichon 2years $4,533