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Rank Name Raised
19th Robert Meagher Robert Meagher $6,338
20th Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont 6years $6,120
21st Sandra Cole Sandra Cole 7years $6,110
22nd Bob Loney Bob Loney 2years $6,078
23rd Akif Siddiqui Akif Siddiqui 2years $6,269
23rd Michael Rilstone Michael Rilstone 2years $2,468
24th Donna Leibham Donna Leibham 4years $5,734
25th Amy Perrey Amy Perrey 6years $5,623
26th Michael Riley Michael Riley 2years $5,553
27th Garry Bennett Garry Bennett 2years $5,598
28th Gabor Szirmak Gabor Szirmak $5,318
29th Bradley MacIntosh Bradley MacIntosh 2years $5,305
30th Tracy Johnston Tracy Johnston 3years $5,300
31st Wayne Burke Wayne Burke $5,209
32nd Fraser Head Fraser Head 3years $5,205
33rd David Walsh David Walsh 3years $5,175
34th Lisa Seatter Lisa Seatter 6years $5,152
35th Katie Woodward Katie Woodward $5,006
36th Mike Basse Mike Basse 4years $4,952
37th Sandra Strangman Sandra Strangman 4years $4,855