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Rank Name Raised
N/A Aaron Butler Aaron Butler $0
N/A Aaron Hughes Aaron Hughes $0
67th Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob $100
N/A Aaron Vidican Aaron Vidican $0
N/A Abby Kendall Abby Kendall $0
N/A Abhishek Jamwal Abhishek Jamwal $0
N/A Adrianne Gurr Adrianne Gurr $0
N/A Agathe Lapierre Agathe Lapierre $0
N/A Agnieszka Gorgon Agnieszka Gorgon $0
N/A Ajay Thomas Ajay Thomas $0
N/A Akshaya Shashidhar Akshaya Shashidhar $0
N/A Al McAlpine Al McAlpine $0
N/A Alanah Watkins Alanah Watkins $0
N/A Albert Lowell Marcellus Behm Albert Lowell Marcellus Behm $0
N/A Alena Bajkov Alena Bajkov $0
N/A Alessandro Pisaturo Alessandro Pisaturo $0
N/A Alex Kearney Alex Kearney $0
9th Alex Lafreniere Alex Lafreniere $590
N/A Alex Moreau Alex Moreau $0
N/A Alex Thomson Alex Thomson $0