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Rank Name Raised
N/A Michael Riley Michael Riley 2years $0
N/A Scott Achtenberg Scott Achtenberg 5years $0
344th Aaron Cushing Aaron Cushing 2years $104
114th Adam Holmes Adam Holmes 3years $526
44th Al Muma Al Muma 3years $1,018
N/A Alex Smith-Windsor Alex Smith-Windsor 4years $0
308th Alice Cameron Russell Alice Cameron Russell 3years $124
N/A Andrew Barton Andrew Barton $0
342nd Antonio Nunes Jr. Antonio Nunes Jr. $106
286th Aous Churbaji Aous Churbaji $151
96th Barry Bigras Barry Bigras 3years $571
N/A Becky Simpson Becky Simpson 6years $0
337th Ben Berland Ben Berland 5years $109
N/A Brian Schembri Brian Schembri 4years $0
296th Camille Polan Camille Polan 3years $140
308th Carla Spooner Carla Spooner 3years $124
N/A Carter Paul Carter Paul 5years $0
N/A Cesar Romero Ruiz Cesar Romero Ruiz 3years $0
N/A Charles Andal Charles Andal $0
N/A Chris Huber Chris Huber 3years $0