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Rank Name Raised
120th Collin Neale Collin Neale 2years $1,460
339th Joshua White Joshua White $1,459
121st Nicolas Colarusso Nicolas Colarusso 4years $1,453
122nd Basil (Jerry) Jones Basil (Jerry) Jones 7years $1,437
123rd Dale Trott Dale Trott $1,426
124th Dzung Tran Dzung Tran $1,424
125th Brent Corrigan Brent Corrigan $1,409
126th John Pfeffer John Pfeffer 6years $1,398
127th Janet Reader Janet Reader 2years $1,396
128th Asif Imtiaz Asif Imtiaz 2years $1,392
129th Angela Punnett Angela Punnett 6years $1,381
130th Jeff Wiebe Jeff Wiebe $1,376
131st Shawn Brown Shawn Brown 5years $1,376
132nd Lezli Kuntze Lezli Kuntze 4years $1,365
133rd Janelle Moskal Janelle Moskal 5years $1,355
134th Connie Van Biert Connie Van Biert 3years $1,348
135th Eric M Bedard Eric M Bedard 4years $1,346
136th Neil Kennington Neil Kennington 5years $1,345
137th Steven Bedford Steven Bedford 2years $1,328
138th Miranda Spencer Miranda Spencer $1,326