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Rank Name Raised
61st Paul Bettio Paul Bettio $2,174
62nd Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick 3years $2,158
63rd Audrey Fraser Audrey Fraser 2years $2,149
64th Koyo Ng Koyo Ng 2years $2,121
65th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells 6years $2,121
66th Kara White Kara White $2,107
67th Grace Belisle Grace Belisle $2,103
69th BT Hansen BT Hansen 2years $2,020
70th Michael Violin Michael Violin $1,961
71st Mark Warren Mark Warren 7years $1,951
72nd Al Muma Al Muma 3years $1,930
73rd Nathan Carter Nathan Carter 2years $1,929
74th Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade 4years $1,912
75th Chris Pritchard Chris Pritchard 2years $1,904
76th Lorraine Gosselin Rocheleau Lorraine Gosselin Rocheleau 6years $1,879
77th Brent Houston Brent Houston 2years $1,853
78th Mike Santry Mike Santry 5years $1,832
79th Jane Dennis Jane Dennis 6years $1,820
80th Nikki Magnan Nikki Magnan $1,804