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Rank Name Raised
79th Connie Van Biert Connie Van Biert 2years $1,945
80th Oskar Kwieton Oskar Kwieton 2years $1,925
80th Warren Cormack Warren Cormack $1,925
82nd Shelley Ma Shelley Ma $1,920
83rd Greg Jodoin Greg Jodoin $1,915
84th Kevin Tripp Kevin Tripp $1,910
85th Sara Caners Sara Caners $1,900
87th Koyo Ng Koyo Ng $1,840
88th Alberto Della Porta Alberto Della Porta 5years $1,830
89th Victoria Morelly Victoria Morelly $1,820
90th Sandeep Ghotra Sandeep Ghotra 2years $1,810
91st John Austen John Austen 2years $1,795
91st Serge Belanger Serge Belanger $1,795
93rd Francois Mercier Francois Mercier 2years $1,760
93rd Rehan Aqeel Rehan Aqeel 2years $1,760
95th Mathew Holigroski Mathew Holigroski $1,755
96th Andrew Gergely Andrew Gergely 2years $1,753
97th Jimmy Ngo Jimmy Ngo $1,730
97th Kelly s Dory Kelly s Dory 2years $1,730