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Rank Name Raised
20th Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade 3years $3,567
21st Donna Leibham Donna Leibham 3years $3,565
22nd Brendan Devlin Brendan Devlin 6years $3,544
23rd Diane Dempsey Diane Dempsey 2years $3,370
24th Joshua Ratnasamy Joshua Ratnasamy $3,365
25th Ravinder Rathore Ravinder Rathore $3,316
26th Paul Chui Paul Chui $3,300
27th John Osborn John Osborn 5years $3,275
28th Khalid Malik Khalid Malik $3,270
29th Mary Pratt Mary Pratt 2years $3,265
30th Brian Weber Brian Weber $3,210
30th Nuno Silva Nuno Silva 2years $3,210
32nd Rino Noto Rino Noto $3,165
33rd Eric Bedard Eric Bedard 2years $3,136
34th Ian Foss Ian Foss 3years $3,080
35th Rafal Szymanski Rafal Szymanski 2years $3,070
36th Jared Bodeux Jared Bodeux $2,975
37th Shawn Amyotte Shawn Amyotte $2,955
39th Diane Declercq Diane Declercq 4years $2,930