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Rank Name Raised
79th Sue Dewar Sue Dewar 6years $3,025
80th Marcel Richard Marcel Richard 2years $3,015
80th Pauline Ng Pauline Ng $3,015
82nd Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame 4years $3,000
83rd Christo Andrich Christo Andrich $2,990
84th Bharat Nagin Bharat Nagin $2,965
85th Alistair Littlejohn Alistair Littlejohn 4years $2,955
86th Lynn Todd-Harris Lynn Todd-Harris 2years $2,930
87th Sangweon Kim Sangweon Kim $2,921
88th Chris Pritchard Chris Pritchard $2,910
89th Dale Sorensen Dale Sorensen 6years $2,906
90th Sean Moore Sean Moore 4years $2,895
91st Jeff Nealy Jeff Nealy $2,870
92nd Andrew Gergely Andrew Gergely 2years $2,847
93rd Walburga Pagniello Walburga Pagniello 3years $2,830
94th Drago Pavletic Drago Pavletic $2,815
95th John Austen John Austen 2years $2,810
95th Sara Caners Sara Caners $2,810
97th Judy Hardes Judy Hardes 5years $2,780
98th John Pfeffer John Pfeffer 5years $2,773