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Rank Name Raised
2296th Dustin Wiebe Dustin Wiebe 2years $104
N/A George Joseph Selhunter George Joseph Selhunter $0
3464th Gislain Ducharme Gislain Ducharme 5years $36
507th Gordon Williams Gordon Williams 5years $626
1539th Greg Sorensen Greg Sorensen 6years $207
2296th Heather Carter Heather Carter 2years $104
3091st Ian Case Ian Case 2years $52
N/A Joel Haight Joel Haight 2years $0
N/A Jonathan Baker Jonathan Baker 3years $0
10th Joseph Lisi Joseph Lisi $3,985
3464th Katarina Puljak Katarina Puljak 4years $36
595th Kent Greene Kent Greene 4years $574
605th Kevin Bragnalo Kevin Bragnalo 4years $570
N/A Kevin McNutt Kevin McNutt 3years $0
N/A Krunal Desai Krunal Desai 5years $0
183rd Ladine Harley Ladine Harley 2years $1,125
N/A Leslie Lloyd Leslie Lloyd 3years $0
1728th Michael Skidmore Michael Skidmore 4years $176
N/A Mike Chan Mike Chan 3years $0