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Rank Name Raised
78th Brent Houston Brent Houston 2years $1,681
79th Al Muma Al Muma 3years $1,679
80th Mimi Dinh Mimi Dinh 3years $1,668
81st Georgina Minnes Georgina Minnes 4years $1,665
82nd Simmons Kwan Simmons Kwan 6years $1,636
83rd Sue Dewar Sue Dewar 7years $1,635
84th Don Ross Don Ross 5years $1,626
85th Tony Giancola Tony Giancola $1,624
86th Peter Leiss Peter Leiss 4years $1,620
87th Paul Sherry Paul Sherry 4years $1,620
88th O.J. Wagontall O.J. Wagontall $1,577
89th Robert Manolakos Robert Manolakos 3years $1,574
90th John Jones John Jones 3years $1,573
91st Victoria Carter Victoria Carter 6years $1,572
92nd Grace Belisle Grace Belisle $1,569
93rd Joe Myers Joe Myers $1,539
94th Lucie Robichaud Lucie Robichaud 2years $1,537
95th Andre Laurent Andre Laurent 3years $1,534
96th Diane Dempsey Diane Dempsey 3years $1,523
97th David Perry David Perry 7years $1,520