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Rank Name Raised
367th Gerry Pot Gerry Pot 4years $779
368th Bob Spencer Bob Spencer 5years $778
369th Carrie Ramsay Carrie Ramsay 3years $778
370th Dilhan Kamalendaran Dilhan Kamalendaran 2years $645
370th Sonny Guzman Sonny Guzman $777
371st Kelly Nicol Kelly Nicol 4years $776
372nd Susan Mingie Susan Mingie 2years $776
372nd Tom St. Amand Tom St. Amand 3years $776
374th Stella Morgan Stella Morgan 2years $775
375th Crystal Brooker Crystal Brooker $774
376th Fortunato Rizzotto Fortunato Rizzotto 2years $771
377th Kristopher Tremblay Kristopher Tremblay 5years $767
378th Julie Maillet Julie Maillet 2years $767
379th Karen Lindsay Karen Lindsay $766
380th Gary M Poxleitner Gary M Poxleitner 6years $766
381st Ian Jameson Ian Jameson 4years $765
382nd Mike Di-Lauro Mike Di-Lauro 4years $763
383rd Sheena K. Buckner Sheena K. Buckner 4years $761
383rd Tyler Bouwman Tyler Bouwman 3years $761
385th Enoch Owusu Enoch Owusu 4years $761