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Rank Name Raised
176th ManYi Kan ManYi Kan $1,076
177th Darcy Welsch Darcy Welsch 7years $1,076
N/A Peter de Sousa Peter de Sousa 4years $0
178th Tania Ardley Tania Ardley 7years $1,075
179th Micheal Baxter Micheal Baxter $1,070
180th Serge Beaudry Serge Beaudry $1,057
181st Mike Lacharite Mike Lacharite $1,054
182nd Arnei De guzman Arnei De guzman 2years $1,050
183rd Ryder King Ryder King $1,047
184th Katarina Smith Katarina Smith 2years $1,044
185th Andre Vautour Andre Vautour 3years $1,041
186th Katie Woodward Katie Woodward $1,039
187th Cassidy Bellefontaine Cassidy Bellefontaine $1,036
188th Erin Critch Erin Critch $1,036
189th Nancy Rantz Nancy Rantz 4years $1,036
190th Andrew Burningham Andrew Burningham $1,035
191st Brian Tomlinson Brian Tomlinson $1,035
191st Dan Eickmeier Dan Eickmeier 7years $1,035
193rd Imran Khan Imran Khan $1,035
194th Shantanu Raje Shantanu Raje 2years $1,032