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Rank Name Raised
N/A Andrew Taylor Andrew Taylor $0
N/A Andy Ivory Andy Ivory $0
N/A Anthony ter Huurne Anthony ter Huurne $0
N/A Anthony Tondino Anthony Tondino $0
N/A Anto Jelavić Anto Jelavić $0
1955th Anton Bazhal Anton Bazhal $20
1552nd Arthur Brochu Arthur Brochu $35
1328th Asa Reynolds Asa Reynolds $50
1328th Barry Bigras Barry Bigras $50
N/A Barry Palik Barry Palik $0
927th Basil (Jerry) Jones Basil (Jerry) Jones $100
N/A Ben Berland Ben Berland $0
N/A Blair Drader Blair Drader $0
252nd Bob Carver Bob Carver $420
N/A Bob Wei Bob Wei $0
271st Brad Gage Brad Gage $390
N/A Brad Guay Brad Guay $0
N/A Brad Hannusch Brad Hannusch $0
N/A Bradley Scheftner Bradley Scheftner $0
N/A Brent Myron Brent Myron $0