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Rank Name Raised
162nd Ken Hill Ken Hill $100
162nd Linda DiMatteo Linda DiMatteo $100
162nd Lisa Profitt Lisa Profitt $100
162nd Mark Ekman Mark Ekman $100
162nd Martha Becker Martha Becker $100
162nd Michael Drolet Michael Drolet $100
162nd Mikey12110 Poulin Mikey12110 Poulin $100
162nd Pauline Robinet Pauline Robinet $100
162nd Rebecca Steppler Rebecca Steppler $100
162nd Richard March Richard March $100
162nd Sandra Fehr Sandra Fehr $100
162nd Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $100
162nd Stephen Peters Stephen Peters $100
162nd Steve Brown Steve Brown $100
162nd Sue Dewar Sue Dewar $100
162nd Susan Dallhoff Susan Dallhoff $100
162nd Tanya Chan Tanya Chan $100
162nd Terrie Hager Terrie Hager $100
N/A Dana Robinson Dana Robinson $0
196th Martin McConnochie Martin McConnochie $98