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Rank Name Raised
154th Mark Williment Mark Williment $2,577.82
155th Lynne Sylvestre Lynne Sylvestre $2,568.84
156th Jason Becker Jason Becker $2,561.51
157th Cheryl (and Sarah) Climie-Smith Cheryl (and Sarah) Climie-Smith $2,555.44
158th Carina Nielsen Carina Nielsen $2,550
159th Emily Jane Horkley Emily Jane Horkley $2,548.85
160th Alex Bethke Alex Bethke $2,545
161st Mary Oliver Mary Oliver $2,535.87
162nd Danny Ellis Danny Ellis $2,534.30
163rd Reza Tabibazar Reza Tabibazar $2,532.43
164th Ken Wichert Ken Wichert $2,528.45
165th Rick Sveinbjornson Rick Sveinbjornson $2,525.24
166th Mike Bryck Mike Bryck $2,525
167th Trudy Rafuse Trudy Rafuse $2,524.23
168th Don Leslie Don Leslie $2,520.70
169th John Tentomas John Tentomas $2,514.84
170th Karin Allan Karin Allan $2,514.80
171st Alexander Quinn Alexander Quinn $2,512.28
172nd Gord Oliver Gord Oliver $2,511.22
173rd Andy McCormick Andy McCormick $2,510