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Rank Name Raised
134th Paul Proulx Paul Proulx $2,739.94
135th Jim Kirby Jim Kirby $2,724.63
136th Donica Clark Donica Clark $2,722.17
137th Emma Prendergast Emma Prendergast $2,708.27
138th David Luckman David Luckman $2,695.44
139th Sean Moore Sean Moore $2,692.72
140th Anthony Tondino Anthony Tondino $2,683.10
141st Gerry Williscroft Gerry Williscroft $2,676.43
142nd Matthew Brocke Matthew Brocke $2,653.99
143rd Sheldene Reich Sheldene Reich $2,645
144th Jeff Edge Jeff Edge $2,635.76
145th Sara Laurie Sara Laurie $2,633.32
146th Catherine Berard Catherine Berard $2,610
147th Grace Bugg Grace Bugg $2,601.12
148th Stuart Fyffe Stuart Fyffe $2,599.41
149th Jamie Maillet Jamie Maillet $2,595.55
150th Paul Langendoen Paul Langendoen $2,595.48
151st Karen Briard Karen Briard $2,593.65
152nd Corrinne de Zoete Corrinne de Zoete $2,585.79
153rd George Armstrong George Armstrong $2,579.28