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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jeremy Oakes Jeremy Oakes $0
N/A jordan Daniel Cramer jordan Daniel Cramer $0
N/A Kadin Brydges Kadin Brydges $0
N/A Ma Domelyn Lagumbay Ma Domelyn Lagumbay $0
N/A Matheus Almeida Gomes Matheus Almeida Gomes $0
N/A Miriam Chinda Miriam Chinda $0
N/A Nicole Berube Nicole Berube $0
N/A Rohit Sharma Rohit Sharma $0
N/A Sherisse Labby Sherisse Labby $0
N/A Stanley Wong Stanley Wong $0
N/A Stephanie Young Stephanie Young $0
N/A Tammy Maarhuis Tammy Maarhuis $0
N/A Tommy Stechyshyn Tommy Stechyshyn $0
N/A William Dinu William Dinu $0
N/A William Montplaisir William Montplaisir $0
N/A William Williamson Williamson William Williamson Williamson $0
N/A Alexandern Pawlak Alexandern Pawlak $0
N/A Michael Thalheimer Michael Thalheimer $0
N/A Hailey Sorenson Hailey Sorenson $0
N/A Alexander Jaymes Wagner Alexander Jaymes Wagner $0