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Rank Name Raised
157th Claudia Faller Claudia Faller $350
157th Sandi Hoppins Sandi Hoppins $350
157th Stacey Gagnon Stacey Gagnon $350
161st Brian Bohnert Brian Bohnert $345
161st Lisa Charette Lisa Charette $345
163rd Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob $340
163rd Michelle Knowles Michelle Knowles $340
165th Andrew Fenton Andrew Fenton $335
165th Francine Larose Francine Larose $335
165th Jim Palys Jim Palys $335
165th Michael Degeus Michael Degeus $335
169th Austyn Whitehead Austyn Whitehead $330
169th Colin Read Colin Read $330
171st Monica Donahue-Ostrowski Monica Donahue-Ostrowski $325
172nd Annmarie Fischer Annmarie Fischer $320
172nd John Callum John Callum $320
172nd Shirley Saunders Shirley Saunders $320
175th Jonathan Parker Jonathan Parker $315
175th Kelly Laybolt Kelly Laybolt $315
175th Maureen Capel Maureen Capel $315