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Rank Name Raised
139th Giselle Marchand Giselle Marchand $390
139th Lyne Caya Lyne Caya $390
141st Brad Craig Brad Craig $385
141st Camille Polan Camille Polan $385
141st Clint Allen Clint Allen $385
144th Austin Carlson Austin Carlson $375
144th Peter Cannon Peter Cannon $375
146th Greg Muir Greg Muir $370
146th Hillary Vivian Hillary Vivian $370
146th Robert Hurst Robert Hurst $370
149th Alex Broesky Alex Broesky $365
149th Anthony English Anthony English $365
149th Jennifer Moore Jennifer Moore $365
149th Marie-Eve Munger Marie-Eve Munger $365
151st Terri Craig Terri Craig $35
153rd Larry Etherington Larry Etherington $360
153rd Randy Moniz Randy Moniz $360
153rd Steve Bolt Steve Bolt $360
156th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells $355
157th August Burroughsford August Burroughsford $350