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Rank Name Raised
80th Perry Dunmore Perry Dunmore $1,605
82nd Brittany Cox Brittany Cox $1,590
82nd Lezli Kuntze Lezli Kuntze $1,590
84th Roger Smith Roger Smith $1,575
85th Ayden Nguyen Ayden Nguyen $1,565
86th Jean-Philippe BĂ©langer Jean-Philippe Bélanger $1,555
86th Victoria Wicks Victoria Wicks $1,555
88th David Darling David Darling $1,545
88th Gerry Hawley Gerry Hawley $1,545
90th Megan Routley Megan Routley $1,530
91st Tina Barton Tina Barton $1,525
92nd Doris Kenny-Lodewyks Doris Kenny-Lodewyks $1,520
92nd Marcel Richard Marcel Richard $1,520
94th Sheena K. Buckner Sheena K. Buckner $1,514
95th Sharon Taylor Sharon Taylor $1,490
96th Reggie Villeneuve Reggie Villeneuve $1,485
97th Ariane Muirhead Ariane Muirhead $1,470
98th Acacia Ashick Acacia Ashick $1,455
99th Roy Jack Roy Jack $1,445
100th Darren Chalus Darren Chalus $1,440