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Rank Name Raised
99th Mike Gallant Mike Gallant $180
100th Claire McInroy Claire McInroy $170
100th Sue Dewar Sue Dewar $170
102nd Don Ross Don Ross $160
103rd Jason Gosnay Jason Gosnay $155
104th David Walsh David Walsh $150
104th G Charles MacDonald G Charles MacDonald $150
104th Jérémie Lamothe Gémus Jérémie Lamothe Gémus $150
104th Joanna Battler Joanna Battler $150
104th Linda Westra-Tolsma Linda Westra-Tolsma $150
104th Robbie Sevilla Robbie Sevilla $150
104th Ryan Dupuis Ryan Dupuis $150
111th Elizabeth Lizzy Kitties Elizabeth Lizzy Kitties $143
112th Bob Davidson Bob Davidson $140
113th Ivan McQuade Ivan McQuade $135
113th Joshua Bojahra Joshua Bojahra $135
115th Jane Shepherd Jane Shepherd $129
116th Angela Sorensen Angela Sorensen $120
116th Della Ratcliffe Della Ratcliffe $120
116th Gary Ellis Gary Ellis $120