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Rank Name Raised
1st Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell $34,080.86
2nd Sandi Shaughnessy Sandi Shaughnessy $10,865
3rd Paul Plowman Paul Plowman $8,485
4th Denis Dion Denis Dion $7,754.50
5th Greg Delaney Greg Delaney $7,500
5th Sean Moore Sean Moore $7,500
7th David Rapelje David Rapelje $7,445
8th Lynda Moncrief Lynda Moncrief $7,343.13
9th Richard Arlen Richard Arlen $7,220
10th Donna Allegro Donna Allegro $7,019.91
11th Anne Mcmurray Anne Mcmurray $6,921.25
12th Pete Grammatico Pete Grammatico $6,820.99
13th Dwight Gienow Dwight Gienow $6,520.30
14th John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $6,381.37
15th Tony De klerk Tony De klerk $6,220
16th Paul Schendel Paul Schendel $6,047.57
17th Debbie Miller Debbie Miller $6,024.73
18th Mary Shirkie Mary Shirkie $5,800.05
19th Richard Grasley Richard Grasley $5,790
20th Kathy Ferguson Kathy Ferguson $5,752.45