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Rank Name Raised
699th Timothy Friesen Timothy Friesen 3years $1,395
682nd Rob Bischoff Rob Bischoff $1,414
6154th Sandra Fletcher Sandra Fletcher $104
4026th Dawn Titus Dawn Titus 6years $358
6077th John Baird John Baird 2years $109
372nd Greg Mainman Greg Mainman $2,041
144th Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob 7years $3,164
N/A Jesse Code Jesse Code 2years $0
2868th Henrietta Whalen Henrietta Whalen $550
N/A Solomon Easton Solomon Easton $0
705th Richard Maltby Richard Maltby 3years $1,389
2875th Arjan de Haan Arjan de Haan 2years $549
2577th Becky Simpson Becky Simpson 6years $595
5824th Fabrice Maloigne Fabrice Maloigne $129
874th Ron Gallo Ron Gallo 4years $1,237
165th Andy Maher Andy Maher $3,039
1019th Nico BarbĂ© Nico Barbé $1,131
957th Larry Sangestini Larry Sangestini 6years $1,170
6372nd Stu Ford Stu Ford 3years $103
529th Carla Spooner Carla Spooner 3years $1,645