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Rank Name Raised
N/A Dimpho Ngache Dimpho Ngache 4years $0
N/A Domitille Pierrard Domitille Pierrard $0
87th Don Ross Don Ross 5years $1,760
N/A donna Walker donna Walker $0
1517th Doug Bowser Doug Bowser 2years $228
2020th Drew Ginter Drew Ginter 3years $140
N/A Duncan Ward Duncan Ward 3years $0
N/A DYLAN Bailey DYLAN Bailey 2years $0
N/A Ed Dods Ed Dods 2years $0
N/A Edward Urbanski Edward Urbanski 3years $0
N/A Edwin Bezzina Edwin Bezzina 3years $0
N/A Elise Grenier Elise Grenier $0
N/A Elwood Delaney Elwood Delaney 5years $0
N/A Emilie Boulerne Emilie Boulerne 3years $0
409th Emilie St. Pierre Emilie St. Pierre 3years $729
N/A Eric Arantes Eric Arantes 3years $0
N/A Eric Young Eric Young 2years $0
335th Erin McFarland Erin McFarland 7years $808
N/A Esteban Pestano Esteban Pestano $0
N/A Ethan Teague Ethan Teague 3years $0