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Rank Name Raised
330th Ryan Planter Ryan Planter 2years $796
331st Mike Cobb Mike Cobb 4years $792
332nd Genevieve Patchell Genevieve Patchell $791
333rd Laura Birnie Laura Birnie 2years $791
334th Mike Barsby Mike Barsby 3years $790
335th Colin Ellis Colin Ellis $789
336th Neil Pothier Neil Pothier 2years $788
337th Adam Dunham Adam Dunham 5years $788
337th Timothy Milosevic Timothy Milosevic 3years $657
338th Peter Courtney Peter Courtney 3years $784
339th Bradley Mcilwaine Bradley Mcilwaine 5years $781
339th Joshua White Joshua White $1,459
340th Vincent Morin Vincent Morin $781
341st Rob Russell Rob Russell 2years $781
342nd Susan Gould Susan Gould 2years $779
343rd Gerry Pot Gerry Pot 4years $779
344th Bob Spencer Bob Spencer 5years $778
345th Carrie Ramsay Carrie Ramsay 3years $778
346th Sonny Guzman Sonny Guzman $777
347th Jay Malsi Jay Malsi 3years $777