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Rank Name Raised
198th Christopher Lynch Christopher Lynch 3years $4,349
199th Timothy Foster Timothy Foster 3years $4,333
200th Martin Durocher Martin Durocher 4years $4,324
201st Debbie Suffern Debbie Suffern 2years $4,315
202nd Jason Monk Jason Monk 4years $4,312
203rd Wayne Fischer Wayne Fischer $4,306
204th Trenton Penner Trenton Penner 6years $4,291
205th Cameron Kirby Cameron Kirby $4,269
45th Kathleen Thibodeau Kathleen Thibodeau $4,266
206th Elizabeth Apresto Rossi Elizabeth Apresto Rossi 7years $4,258
207th Kathy Douthart Kathy Douthart $4,231
208th Dale hewitt Dale hewitt 2years $4,230
209th Jamie Wood Jamie Wood 4years $4,218
210th Aline Guillas Aline Guillas 5years $4,217
211th Angela Punnett Angela Punnett 6years $4,208
212th Choo-Kar Kua Choo-Kar Kua $4,195
213th Chris Edgell Chris Edgell 2years $4,186
214th Grant Harder Grant Harder 2years $4,181
215th Ron Westlake Ron Westlake $4,180
216th Phil Neily Phil Neily 7years $4,166