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Rank Name Raised
N/A Guillaume Landry Guillaume Landry 2years $0
878th Hans Peter Liechti Hans Peter Liechti 4years $465
3464th Harry Bakker Harry Bakker 3years $36
N/A Hartej Nerwal Hartej Nerwal $0
N/A Harv Neufeld Harv Neufeld 4years $0
N/A Hemant Bhadane Hemant Bhadane 3years $0
1616th Henrietta Whalen Henrietta Whalen $202
N/A Hoo Cheung Yee Hoo Cheung Yee 3years $0
540th Ian Droppo Ian Droppo 2years $607
44th Ian Foss Ian Foss 4years $2,500
1390th Ian Matthews Ian Matthews 3years $248
N/A Jack Sit Jack Sit 4years $0
N/A Jackson Simmons Jackson Simmons $0
1306th Jaclyne Laurin Jaclyne Laurin 3years $269
N/A Jacob Patriquin Jacob Patriquin $0
1718th Jake Adzija Jake Adzija 2years $176
N/A Jake Nevins Jake Nevins $0
N/A James McDougall James McDougall 5years $0
N/A James Obrien James Obrien 2years $0
N/A James Pettinger James Pettinger $0