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Rank Name Raised
3546th Barbara Polehoykie Barbara Polehoykie 5years $36
642nd Barry Bigras Barry Bigras 3years $571
3178th Becky Simpson Becky Simpson 6years $52
2325th Ben Berland Ben Berland 5years $109
N/A Benoit Begin Benoit Begin 2years $0
N/A Bert Fielding Bert Fielding 3years $0
2838th Beth Hofman Beth Hofman 3years $72
2869th Bill GREGORASH Bill GREGORASH $72
3178th Blair Slade Blair Slade 4years $52
N/A Bobby Fitkin Bobby Fitkin 3years $0
N/A bogdan airinei bogdan airinei 2years $0
N/A Brad Guay Brad Guay 3years $0
1140th Brandon Burgess Brandon Burgess 5years $336
N/A Brian Innes Brian Innes 4years $0
419th Brian Salsman Brian Salsman 2years $723
N/A Brian Schembri Brian Schembri 4years $0
N/A Bryce Bond Bryce Bond 3years $0
1264th Bryce Petersen Bryce Petersen 3years $301
N/A Cam Lirondelle Cam Lirondelle 4years $0
N/A Cameron Childs Cameron Childs 2years $0