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Rank Name Raised
1599th Mary Waldner Mary Waldner 2years $1,364
7677th Jon Manweiller Jon Manweiller 3years $52
5562nd Paolo Maccario Paolo Maccario $347
N/A Pierre-Olivier Émond Pierre-Olivier Émond 4years $0
19th Akif Siddiqui Akif Siddiqui 2years $11,833
237th Kent Douglas Hill Kent Douglas Hill 3years $4,055
4591st Matthew Willis Matthew Willis 2years $538
6420th Stephen Southcott Stephen Southcott 4years $183
664th Jeff Lehmann Jeff Lehmann $2,518
2317th Randy Gyorkos Randy Gyorkos $1,051
7842nd Alison Campbell Urness Alison Campbell Urness 7years $50
5648th Carlee Glendenning Carlee Glendenning 3years $322
503rd Sharon Little Sharon Little 2years $2,846
3371st Heather Caners Heather Caners 2years $746
4335th Adan (Aiden) Aguilar Adan (Aiden) Aguilar 2years $572
3205th Christina Howard Christina Howard $785
4457th John Fallon John Fallon 3years $554
875th Brad Apking Brad Apking 2years $2,034
219th John Sartori John Sartori $4,143
5145th Delson Carlos Delson Carlos 2years $493