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Rank Name Raised
941st Nutthapong Kamoon Nutthapong Kamoon $1,933
929th Tom James Tom James 2years $1,965
655th Kevin McNutt Kevin McNutt 3years $2,535
1815th Trevor Buck Trevor Buck 3years $1,247
3316th Paul Went Paul Went 3years $759
3483rd Joseph Arbour Joseph Arbour 2years $719
3033rd Wayde Nie Wayde Nie 4years $830
3598th Nicole Hynes Nicole Hynes 3years $699
4472nd Leslie Lloyd Leslie Lloyd 3years $553
627th Kevin Bragnalo Kevin Bragnalo 4years $2,579
2970th Philippe Noël Philippe Noël $846
527th Braden Cruise Braden Cruise $2,770
15th Ravinder Rathore Ravinder Rathore 2years $13,101
100th Jean Constantineau Jean Constantineau 3years $5,673
84th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells 6years $6,057
6750th Leiyandreau Anthoine Allana Leiyandreau Anthoine Allana 2years $130
858th Marc Talbot Marc Talbot 3years $2,052
N/A Ryan Gravis Ryan Gravis 7years $0
3508th Corey Steiro Corey Steiro 3years $714
N/A Justin Ciancone Justin Ciancone 5years $0