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Rank Name Raised
373rd Mimi Dinh Mimi Dinh 3years $2,145
374th Lorraine Etler Lorraine Etler 2years $2,141
375th Kevin Rowe Kevin Rowe 7years $2,136
376th Gail McCauley Gail McCauley 6years $2,136
377th Dean Nilsen Dean Nilsen 2years $2,134
378th Kara White Kara White $2,133
379th Sami Reaz Sami Reaz 7years $2,133
380th Wesley Arnott Wesley Arnott 4years $2,133
381st Candy Morar Candy Morar $2,128
382nd Miraal Habib Miraal Habib $2,126
383rd Gord-Pat Oliver Gord-Pat Oliver 5years $2,125
384th Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert 3years $2,124
396th Hassan Muhammad Hassan Muhammad 2years $2,116
385th Juanita Maillet Juanita Maillet 4years $2,116
386th Justin Cocks Justin Cocks 4years $2,115
387th Scott Odland Scott Odland $2,114
388th Candice Bondy Candice Bondy 3years $2,108
389th Annette Marsoff Annette Marsoff 2years $2,105
390th Stuart Muir Stuart Muir 6years $2,104
391st Katie Machina Katie Machina 5years $2,096