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Rank Name Raised
156th Michael Williams Michael Williams 4years $1,166
157th Justin Cocks Justin Cocks 4years $1,158
158th Christian Tait Christian Tait $1,156
159th Jackie Wallan Jackie Wallan $1,154
160th Sylvie Bernier Sylvie Bernier 3years $1,148
161st Diane Norris Diane Norris 4years $1,144
162nd Glenn Gardner Glenn Gardner 2years $1,143
163rd Brendan Devlin Brendan Devlin 7years $1,135
164th Keith Burnage Keith Burnage 7years $1,133
165th Joel Fogarty Joel Fogarty 2years $1,125
166th Josh Whalen Josh Whalen 2years $1,119
167th Ted Betts Ted Betts $1,115
169th Barbie Boudreau Barbie Boudreau 4years $1,112
170th Russell Anderson Russell Anderson 6years $1,109
171st Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell 7years $1,107
172nd Moira Mcdonald Moira Mcdonald $1,106
173rd Deborah Guthrie Deborah Guthrie 2years $1,089
174th Jeff Nealy Jeff Nealy 2years $1,081
175th Tracey Nelson Tracey Nelson 7years $1,079