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Rank Name Raised
19th Todd Woods Todd Woods 4years $9,675
20th Tracy Johnston Tracy Johnston 3years $9,671
21st Mary Pratt Mary Pratt 3years $9,646
22nd David Walsh David Walsh 3years $9,639
23rd Liz Goulding Liz Goulding $9,590
23rd Michael Rilstone Michael Rilstone 2years $2,561
24th Cory Li Cory Li 3years $9,271
25th Scott Gooding Scott Gooding 3years $9,197
26th Sean Moore Sean Moore 5years $9,035
27th Akif Siddiqui Akif Siddiqui 2years $8,946
28th Brian Whitworth Brian Whitworth 3years $8,909
29th Neil Pothier Neil Pothier 2years $8,897
30th Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont 6years $8,736
31st Sandra Cole Sandra Cole 7years $8,717
32nd Bradley MacIntosh Bradley MacIntosh 2years $8,674
33rd Peter Hrastovec Peter Hrastovec 4years $8,664
34th Eric Kutschera Eric Kutschera 5years $8,413
35th Bob Loney Bob Loney 2years $8,211
36th John Barrett John Barrett $8,178
37th Kolten and Keegan Davis Kolten and Keegan Davis 3years $8,162