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Rank Name Raised
346th DAVID SMITH DAVID SMITH 5years $104
346th Della Ratcliffe Della Ratcliffe 7years $104
346th Denis Beaudoin Denis Beaudoin $104
346th Elizabeth Rodgers Elizabeth Rodgers 6years $104
346th Gerald Fijal Gerald Fijal $104
346th Gerry Taylor Gerry Taylor 2years $104
346th Guy Farb Guy Farb 2years $104
346th Janet MacQuarrie Janet MacQuarrie 4years $104
346th Jared Luptak Jared Luptak 3years $104
346th Jenna Milbury Jenna Milbury $104
346th joe carr joe carr 5years $104
346th Karen Jashyn Karen Jashyn 4years $104
346th Kendra Koskiniemi Kendra Koskiniemi 4years $104
346th Klaas Slagter Klaas Slagter 3years $104
346th Krys LYR Krys LYR 5years $104
346th Manon Chaumont Manon Chaumont $104
346th Mario Di Leonardi Mario Di Leonardi $104
346th Martin Flanagan Martin Flanagan 7years $104
346th Marty Simard Marty Simard $104
346th Michelle Gardiner Michelle Gardiner 2years $104