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Rank Name Raised
4794th Stacey Turpin Stacey Turpin 3years $254
217th Steven Bedford Steven Bedford 2years $2,764
3051st Doug Carpenter Doug Carpenter 3years $518
719th Jefferson Broomes Jefferson Broomes 7years $1,369
N/A Lucas Brown Lucas Brown $0
N/A Amy Tucker Amy Tucker 7years $0
N/A Jennifer Johns Jennifer Johns 4years $0
468th Marieta Petrova Marieta Petrova 5years $1,767
N/A Aaron Hughes Aaron Hughes 4years $0
2695th Adan (Aiden) Aguilar Adan (Aiden) Aguilar 2years $572
N/A Aeden Pahayahay Aeden Pahayahay $0
7700th Andrew Lambert Andrew Lambert 2years $31
N/A Anthony Armata Anthony Armata 3years $0
N/A Azeez Alliowe Azeez Alliowe $0
N/A Chris Hamel Chris Hamel 2years $0
N/A Chris Inostroza Chris Inostroza 3years $0
N/A Clinton Maina Clinton Maina $0
N/A Crystal Fisk Crystal Fisk 5years $0
N/A Dave Jasper Dave Jasper $0
351st David Marcoux David Marcoux 4years $2,114