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Rank Name Raised
2907th Trish Smith Trish Smith 2years $67
2914th Haley WALL Haley WALL $65
2915th Anne Marie Archibald Anne Marie Archibald 3years $62
2915th Connie Brogan Connie Brogan $62
2915th Deborah Small Deborah Small 7years $62
2915th Eli Meakin Eli Meakin $62
2915th Erasmo Santos Erasmo Santos 5years $62
2915th Kamaldeep Kaura Kamaldeep Kaura 2years $62
2915th Linda Deise Goldsborough Linda Deise Goldsborough 5years $62
2915th Michael Thoerner Michael Thoerner 2years $62
2915th Nicole Brace Nicole Brace $62
2915th Tatiana Mitkova Tatiana Mitkova $62
2915th Teresa Avery Teresa Avery 5years $62
2926th Kate Shouldice Kate Shouldice 3years $62
2926th Keith Malek Keith Malek 2years $62
2926th Kuba Gradzik Kuba Gradzik 4years $62
2926th Tim Ellsworth Tim Ellsworth $62
2930th Arij Habbab Arij Habbab 3years $62
2931st Irene Toro Irene Toro 2years $61
2931st Juanita Annis Juanita Annis $61