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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alex Trachy Alex Trachy $0
143rd Alex Tulin Alex Tulin $125
N/A Alexander Campbell Alexander Campbell $0
N/A Alexander Jongsma Alexander Jongsma $0
N/A Alexander Quinn Alexander Quinn $0
N/A Alexandre Dame Alexandre Dame $0
N/A Alexis Blair Alexis Blair $0
N/A Al-hamin Animashaun Al-hamin Animashaun $0
N/A Alice Casagrande Cesconetto Alice Casagrande Cesconetto $0
N/A Alisha Piette Alisha Piette $0
N/A Alison Hart Alison Hart $0
N/A Alison Moorwood Alison Moorwood $0
N/A Allan Rogers Allan Rogers $0
N/A Allison Vecchio Allison Vecchio $0
N/A alvin mccready alvin mccready $0
N/A Alyssa Newark Alyssa Newark $0
123rd Amanda Bouma Amanda Bouma $150
N/A Amanda Dauphinee Amanda Dauphinee $0
N/A Amanda Emsley Amanda Emsley $0
N/A Amanda Hansen Amanda Hansen $0