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Rank Name Raised
481st Bill Hawkes Bill Hawkes 3years $52
N/A Bill Vandenberk Bill Vandenberk 3years $0
93rd Blair Stunder Blair Stunder $583
192nd Bonnie Crawley Bonnie Crawley $311
N/A Brad Towner Brad Towner 3years $0
N/A Bradley Wilson Bradley Wilson 2years $0
N/A Brandi Hill Brandi Hill 7years $0
481st Brenda Pentland Brenda Pentland 5years $52
N/A Brent Scott Brent Scott 4years $0
261st Brian White Brian White 5years $191
183rd Bruce Gauthier Bruce Gauthier 3years $329
N/A Caroline DK Caroline DK 3years $0
N/A Charine Butlin Charine Butlin $0
N/A Charlene Brown Charlene Brown 2years $0
N/A Chase Wetherell Chase Wetherell 3years $0
N/A Chris Bradley Chris Bradley 3years $0
N/A Chris Pike Chris Pike 7years $0
N/A Chris Walls Chris Walls $0
N/A Clinton Myers Clinton Myers 5years $0
N/A Cody Dobson Cody Dobson 3years $0