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Rank Name Raised
139th Sophie Pommainville Sophie Pommainville 3years $5,111
140th Les Motyka Les Motyka $5,102
141st Connie Van Biert Connie Van Biert 3years $5,091
3206th AlyKhan (Johnny) Rupani AlyKhan (Johnny) Rupani $5,091
142nd Helga Rausch Helga Rausch 5years $5,085
143rd Dana Coulombe Dana Coulombe 5years $5,066
144th Sanjay Sanichara Sanjay Sanichara $5,049
145th Kevin Tripp Kevin Tripp 2years $5,044
146th David Oliphant David Oliphant 2years $5,028
147th Bill GREGORASH Bill GREGORASH $5,015
148th Kenn Hollingshead Kenn Hollingshead 3years $5,000
149th Lynn Casselman Lynn Casselman 4years $4,984
150th Brenda Potter Phelan Brenda Potter Phelan 2years $4,974
151st Michael Riseley Michael Riseley 2years $4,954
152nd Diane Dempsey Diane Dempsey 3years $4,942
153rd Domenic Perri Domenic Perri 3years $4,908
154th Bryden Tait Bryden Tait 7years $4,901
155th Simmons Kwan Simmons Kwan 6years $4,883
156th Allan Morris Allan Morris 2years $4,873
157th Dean Shaw Dean Shaw 3years $4,828